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At Bittenbybooks: Rebekah L. Purdy Interview and $30.00 Amazon Gift Card Contest

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At Bittenbybooks: Kelly Moran Interview and Amazon Gift Card Contest

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Bittenbybooks: Rebecca Yarros Interview and $30.00 Amazon Gift Card Contest

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Wine Glass Candles...

SCENT: Sea Petals

I had bought the glassware at a yard sale for the specific purpose to make candles out of them. As I am preparing for a Craft Show (husband and sister in law convinced me to try), I thought it was the perfect time to make them. I agree they look like something you'd find at a wedding or wedding anniversary party.

SCENT: Early Sunrise
I am in love with this scent. I wanted to attempt something different than the Sea Petals. Hard to see in the photos but there is a blush of pink at the bottom. Hence my attempt at Sunrise.

SCENT: Strawberry Cheesecake
My cousin had seen pictures of Sea Petals and Early Sunrise candle pair sets I made. She wanted to buy the Sea Petals but I had made them specifically for the Craft Show. So I offered to make her a set. I had to find glassware and she appeared happy with this. Bigger than the others.  She allowed me to experiment. The little wax hearts are scented with Strawberry Cheesecake too. I thought White Roses on Red backdrop was beautiful.

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Night Magic - All Romance Ebooks

Night Magic - All Romance Ebooks

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eARC of Colleen Gleason's A Lily on the Heath Review

Expect this book on
January 15, 2013

My review:

My way of reviewing is a tad “different” than others.  Instead of waiting until I read the book through then write up my thoughts, feelings, and opinions, I like to stop at intervals.  This better records my thoughts as I have them.

A Lily on the Heath is actually my second foray with Colleen Gleason’s books.  I had read one of her vampire books years back.  Kris Kennedy had a contest for her street team members and I won the chance.

It has been a while since I read a historical. So 7% in and it is evident that the hero and heroine had known each other once.  And the two were more acquaintances than friends or close.  Sort of like a new bent to the reuniting theme…

So far I have not read enough on either Judith or Malcolm to form an opinion.  Though, the beginning scene does sort of show bits of Judith’s character. More in the way she deals with her Queen, behaving more out of necessity than a mindless sycophant.  

29% in…. Judith and Malcolm’s characters, quirks, and personality are defined.  Though she is close to the Queen Judith does not use the advantage like some would.  She knows her place in life and court but does not let it go to her head or reveals in it. Also she stands out among the ladies.  One aspect makes her stand out among the rest of the nobility.

So glad she is not the simpering, weak-willed type.  I like that she thinks for herself.

Malcolm…  though not crazy about his view on a wife’s uses, so I hope his views would change further in the book… He’s strong and alpha but is not arrogant about it. Quick to help the underdog from a squire to saving damsels in distress (in trees especially)

Though I am sensing an undercurrent…  especially in the attention Judith garnered.  The attention would not do her good especially in her standing and duties.

41% in …  The heroine has my sympathy for what she must endure. Had my hopes that something would intervene, would save her from that part in her life.  It really doesn’t sit well with me honestly. I had hoped the hero would figure a way to thwart it…

63% -  Absolutely love how Malcolm took care of the situation Judith landed in.  Mm, he so reminds me of the metaphor “knight in shining armor”. My opinion and thoughts of him notched higher.  Though what he planned could garner his death he did it in a way that spoke of his honor and character.

Since it had been some time since I read a historical romance, took me but a moment to get use to the speech patterns and assimilate to the time period.  Minor characters in the tale told me that this is in a series but stands alone – which I was correct.

The side little romance of two more minor characters lent the story a bit more.

The heroine’s misunderstanding did wear on me.  I had wished for a little more interaction between Judith and Violet. Just felt that bonding was missing.  Sometimes a child in a story can really do good for the plot and storyline.

Other than that I enjoyed the story. It was a great break from the paranormals and romantic suspenses that I have found myself reading of late.

Four Shillelagh

Monday, September 3, 2012


               Mmm, this blog has been forgotten for such a long time, and only used to endorse this contest or that.  Not to mention shamelessly plug some awesome authors and broadly display the many street teams I belong to.

               Decided to post my adventure as an amateur writer. Couple weeks back I had happen what many writers/authors dread. Not the deletion of the WIP file but really it comes close to that.  The file, the one that housed not only my written word but my notes in the right sequence placement got corrupted!

               Oh how I wanted to cry, toss my external out the window, and call it a loss.  At that moment I let discouragement consume me, even questioned about continuing writing.

               Fortunate for me I loved playing with the document. Decorating it and then saving it as a pdf file in the grand illusion of seeing how it would “look” as an ebook.  Hey everyone can dream write? Every novice writer likes to see their blood, sweat, and tears in book form.

               Lucky for me that paid off. No – not in the sense that I got a publishing deal.  My dreams have not reached that level. To be honest I dread it only because inwardly I do not believe my words are “good enough”. And that I would be told that straight up.

               No… lucky for me the corrupted file did not mean a complete loss.  All that was missing from the pdf was three or four of my notes that I had recorded in a file. Happy days when I found them!

               Since this particular Work in Progress is my longest story, ten years plus in the writing, revamping, and adding.  So I could not let the story die completely.  Besides I love the characters within so much to dishonor them in that way.

               I decided the arduous process of rewriting, hoping to get inspiration to write out the notes to the parts I need.  Each chapter’s rewrite’s completion I zip the file and email to the account I use for my Kindle to store. Backups!

               Just started the rewrites three days ago and I got the prologue and chapter one finished. Good progress if I do believe so.  It is going to be a long and slow progress.  My plan is to try to rewrite at least some part every day and then reward myself with reading.