Sunday, May 31, 2009

Character Interview

Good evening, we are here with...

Keiva: I am Keiva Nair Talbain

Greetings Ms. Talbain. May I say that you’ve got quite the interesting and unique name

Keiva: (smiles with a faint blush) Thank you for having me for your first Character Interview. “Keiva” is Irish-Gaelic for “gentleness;beauty”. And if you are curious about the pronunciation it’s “Keev-ah. Talbain is Rom according to my mother.

This is a normal get to know you interview, if there is any question you don't feel like answering, thats fine.

Keiva: Alright.

And thank you for taking your time to come here today.

Keiva: It’s really no problem at all.

We'll get to the normal stuff. How old are you? Birthdate?

Keiva: I am twenty-one years old, October 28

What is your occupation?

Keiva: Full-time college student, and part-time at the local hospital

Dream job?

Keiva: To become a doctor.

How is the work life for you there?

Keiva: School can be pretty stressful with the variety of people around; however, the challenge it offers me exhilarates me. Each class I take brings me one step closer to my goal of becoming a professional doctor in the correct term of the words.

Work at the hospital is great. I’ve already became a vital asset to the hospital. They tend to utilize my presence because of the calm my being there brings to the patients and their loved ones. This makes me feel that I’m making a difference.

What do you do on your time off or after work?

Keiva: Surely you and your readers would find my life quite boring… I’m a loner, much more than my brother Taran. The few friends I’ve made call me a hermit and recluse because if it doesn’t deal with the hospital or school, then I’ll be found in my apartment listening to music while I study, commune with my goddess, reading a good romance novel, or watching a good movie.

You mentioned a brother. What is his name, and do you have any siblings?

Keiva: Taranaich Marbon Talbain, Taran for short. (looks sheepish) As you can see my mother loved the traditional Gaelic names. Then I have an older half-sister named Keely; she was nineteen, starting her own family when Taran and I came into the picture.

Wow, what an age difference there.

Keiva: My brother and I were not planned. Actually, mum’s affair with our father was a spontaneous thing due to her loneliness with her then husband on active duty. It was a complicated mess, one that mother tried not to think of too much of while me and Taran

Sorry to hear. So I take it that you and Taran did not know your father much?

Keiva: When mum learned of our existence, she did contact our father. He was there when we came into the world, insisting Taran and I bear his surname. During the early days, he was a constant presence… but as we got older, his time away from us began to lengthen. He taught us what he felt we should know

Is it alright to ask you to tell us about your parents?

Keiva: Certainly! My mother's name was Zion Lorgana. She is what you would call a drui or druid. It's sort of a family tradition... and I'm the only child out of her brood to follow in her footsteps. She passed on three years ago.

As for my father, his name is Valerian Talbain. Aside from him being Rom, I don't know much more than that... Only that he passed on his lycanthropy to Taran and I.

Everyone wants to know but do you have a boyfriend, lover, etc?

Keiva: (blushes) Much to a few friends of mine’s disappointment, there is no man in my life. My friend Helena is trying hard to fix that little blight. (Meat Loaf’s “The Monster is Loose” starts jingling on her cell). I hate to bring this interview to an end but I really need to take this call. It’s Taran but thanks again for having me.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Character Interview Saturdays

Since I had a full day today... Character Interview will be posted tomorrow. Sorry for not sticking to the schedule. The past two days have been busy and such... The character being interviewed is one of mine.

Keeshe Friday - Late

So sorry about the lateness

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Rambling Thursday - Untitled

I wish I could say that I was a normal woman. The fact of the matter is I am far from normal, not even close to the mark. There are two sides of my nature, and the two often conflicts and wars on the other.

I am what you call an anomaly, a freak-of-nature. Even my druid mother is not certain how I and my older twin Taran came into existence. Lycanthropy is not suppose to be inheritable or so the dusty tombs say.


Rao's commentary - Yeah, so I cheated on my first post to Ramblings Thursday. Why i wrote this in first person POV? Dunno, just the character insisted.

First-person is extremely difficult for me to write. I'm more comfortable writing third person... but for some reason I liked this beginning. That first line kept insisting on being written..

Ramblings Thursday

Since I really don't get too much traffic on here, I decided Thursdays will be "Ramblings Thursdays. Where I'll post some lame * ducks and dodges her friend's smacks* writings of mine.

Warning... There may be some that won't go too far. There may be a few that might. Just depends on the whims of my fickle muse. Some posts will be what inspired me of the day.

I don't get to write very much anymore. Too much distractions that just interrupt me.

AND, to put this out there for one and all, I have no drive or desire to be published. Absolutely no interest. Another, I know I suck at grammar, spelling, and other stuff. It's just for fun, to relieve the imagination build up in my head. A way to express some creativity.

Mm, since I'm doing Ramblings Thursdays.. Friday's are going to be dedicated to my friend Keeshe to post some of her wonderful artwork up. So yeah, Friday's will now be known as Keeshe Fridays. Hehe.

Now to search something to put up for Ramblings Thursday