Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Dreams in anime style

Curious to know if anyone else has ever dreamed in anime style?

Monday, when I got up the second time (I always fall asleep once I shove the boys off to catch the bus), this dream was fresh inside my mind. There are parts that are so incredibly clear, and then there are parts that are disjointed.

Throughout the day, the dream remained, playing with my mind, so when I seen one particular friend on-line. She's an anime-holic, one who has so often in the past, given me box sets for birthdays and christmas. She even let me borrow her Rurouni Kenshin collection just so I could see them all.

I thought "If anyone has dreamed in anime style, then she has." Apparently not. She has dreamed of figures in anime, but they possessed human qualities than cartoon.

Ahhh yes, the dream. I know it involved elves. I really don't know much of their structure, but they feel different from the elves that I usually write about. I distinctively remember two characters... There is a fiesty yet shy, skinny red-haired female. Then there is a tall, handsome male.

I get the impression that the male and his father know about the red-haired one... but something she does (going head long into a haunted building or run-down building to help someone) draws the male's attention to REALLY see the red-haired one.

For the male, there is a spark of interest in her; however, he chooses not to show it openly. Why? I don't know. I do know the red head can come off as mouthy when angered, and the male affectionately calls her "his Crazy lady" or "his crazy one"

The female feels that the male simply tolerates her, treats her like he would a little sister..

Then the scene seems to jump to another scene. There is this royal elf with a symbol on her face. I know she was standing defiant towards her captor. She said something, "You may hold me, but there is another ruling house, one that chose to live in obscurity to keep from this happening. The heir, he has found his chosen mate."

That is all that I really remember from the dream. My friend, the one I asked, she said that had the fine makings of a story. If I can take that, flesh it out, and it would make one hell of a story.

Thinking about it... She's correct. Perhaps I can create another world, kinda like what I'm doing with a side WIP (not the one I'm working on)'s world building. I know the red-haired one... I "feel" that she's alienated from the other elves... then it comes to me.. She's a half-breed, so that explains the alienation from the rest and why she was so strickingly different.

Never did catch their names

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Faltering and Restoring

There are times when my confidence falters. Especially where writing is concern. I start to second-guess myself, wondering why I slave on a story that will go no where and no one to read.

I never seen myself as much of an author or story-teller, like the ones I read and enjoy.

Yes, there are acquiantances and few friends who think I'm the greatest writer, but sometimes you just get the feeling all that is false praise to keep from hurting your feelings.

I try not to pester others about my story or insist that they read it. The option is always theirs. Why only a few have read it because they asked.

There is only one place I tend to post all my rough drafts and writings. It's a yahoo group called The Modern Day Bards, and of late, I am the only person who posts. If they read my ramblings I don't know...

But I also send another draft to another friend; she had voiced an interest, and the way I figured, if she did not want to read it, there is always the handy delete button. It's her option and I will not hound by asking "Did you read it."

She's also very finicky about grammar and punctuation. So if i fuck up somewhere I know that she would point it out. Plus she's an avid reader, and so she would know if the story or scene flows.

So it was up-lifting, when doubt began to creep into my conscious, I wonder why I was even trying to write everyday, that my words were crap, the story was pointless and basically dumb... and you don't say a word about this to anyone, so then out-of-the-blue, a friend tells you..

"Oh yeah I had question about that latest piece you sent me." Which makes you shocked to know THEY did read it. Then "You're doing great. The story is coming along nicely, it flows. Keep up the good work."

Just does wonders to restore a flagging confidence.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Cold Weather - Startling Discovery about my WIP

It appears that cooler weather has came with a vengenance. For some they are pleased and happy by this, and then there are others that dread it.

"I" am apart of the latter. Why my apathy for cold and winter? Really I can not say. Funny, because my mawmaw (Alice Denton) use to entertain me with stories on how as a tike I loved the cold and cried when the snow melted.

She and now my pawpaw shall be remembered this Samhain.

My Work In Progress "Warrior of the Moon" (tentative title for now), I use to stumble on how best to describe the story for those who were curious. Well, the other day while watching the 1980 British Robin of Sherwood (The first disc; I loved this show as a teen), it struck me how similiar in certain ways to my story.

Warrior of the Moon has a thieving band who live (and thrive) in the forest. The leader of this band has a hefty price on his head, and he robs caravans who dare come through the forest.

See the similiarity there? Heheh. I can not say it was intention since Rhaedayel, the leader of this band is not my character but on loan to me from a friend of mine. Rhae and his thieving band is all her construct.

Mine was just supplying a name to the forest they inhabited, along with the heroine, temple, and such. When I brought the similiarites up to my friend, even she was amused by it.

More on the similiarities. In Robin of Sherwood, Marian was on her way to the Abbey to become a Novice. In Warrior of the Moon, Eriea was raised in the temple dedicated to the elven goddess of Moonlight (Sehanine Moonbow) and ascented to a paladin. Another similiarities - Both Marian and Eriea are "noblewomen."

Now the differences - We start with Eriea - the main heroine of my WIP. She's an empath who had been mentally and emotionally abused by her uncle, and thus to please him she repressed her elven heritage.

Yes, Eriea is 1/4 moon elven (I could never do the math. Her father was a half breed, and her mother was full mortal). She bares some of her elven heritage like the slight slant to her mood-changing purple eyes, and the point to her dainty little ears.

The differences with Rhaedayel and Robin - Where Robin stole from the rich and gave to the poor. Rhaedayel tended to keep what he stole from the caravans to feed and take care of his band who looked toward him for guidance.

Not sure about Robin Hood, but Rhaedayel is a known wastrel, seducer of women. There is no Sheriff of Nottingham, but Rhaedayel can not enter several of the cities around the forest due to the bounty of his head.

The main difference is the worlds. Warriors of the Moon takes place in a world that me and two friends pieced together. They had realms they had designed and created, and so we meshed them into one world: Feiden.

This world has unicorns, elves, dragons, etc.

But, those are the similarities that had came to me. Ahh, another difference is how Rhaedayel and Eriea met. Eriea was found wounded in the forest where Rhae found her, and she was meant to be the rogue's latest conquest...

Heh heh heh what he did not expect was her resistence and the challenge she presented. Eriea held herself aloof, an ice shell, as she spoke in a cool monotoned voice, and did not fall easy with his charm.

* Sighs * This is the one story I always keep coming back too. I just love mapping and thinking of their story. I've had many people express a liking to the story, one said something about it enthralling her.

I need to work out steps to coax my muse back, to bring the words back to my soul, to direct those words from my brain to my fingers to put it on page. I really want to complete this story so I could venture out on other stories in me.

Do I want to be publish? Will the story sell? Honestly I don't know. I know that I don't have the thick skin to handle rejections. I've grown up with rejection after rejection, and you would think I grew accustomed to it.

Well I have not. However, if someone liked it enough to want to publish it, I know I would have to change the pantheons I used due to them being Dungeons and Dragons. Then maybe I'd consider it.

Will the story sell? Again, I am not sure. Selling a book is not the reason I continue to write. I write because of how active my imagination can be, and if I brought a measure of joy, contentment to a reader, then I'm happy to know they enjoyed the characters just as I did!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Happy First Birthday Warlock

This is Warlock, our red and black toy miniature dachshund. Yes, he is considered the King of the household (while his half sister Cynder is the Diva Queen)

Just does not seem possible my little baby turned one years old. It feels like the hubs brought his tiny self (and I mean tiny) home to us. The poor little guy missed his doggie momma and littermates.

As this picture shows, it's very hard to get laundry folded around him and his half sister Cynder (they share the same daddy).

This happens a lot when folding clothes but you can't really complain when they look so damn adorable.

Ack! Hide, it's something that Rao wrote!

LOL... Well I had this idea about a cruel desert king who only fathered daughters and killed his four wives when they failed to birth him one. All for role playing purposes with my friend.Talking with a friend, well got the idea that one would be apart of a rebellion. This came to me at two/three o'clock, so yeah it's not all that great.

A shapeless apparition parted away from the inky blackness created from the palace’s wall. It moved with swift purpose further away from the grand construction of the royal Asalah family, away from possible detection of the Zaim’s guards and deeper in the myriad maze of the city.

Once the figure ascertained none noticed her absence inside the palace walls did she throw back the dingy brown cowl covering her face and hair. The murky light of the lanterns did nothing to illuminate the inhabitants on Dunyana’s streets and kept her person well hidden from casual observers.

Jawl inhaled deep the sense of freedom her sojourn awarded, to be free, if only for a couple of stolen hours, from her vile father’s tyranny. Burnt-orange eyes peeked behind her to the sleek wall she would have to scale later to return to her gilded cage, to once more be subjected to Zaim Asalah’s oppression and merciless machinations.

Hatred burned hot and fierce through her veins. Zaim Barid ruled his house much like he did his realm with a heavy, ruthless hand. His four wives were put to death because they failed to produce the male child he needed to inherit.

Because of him she had been denied a mother’s care, attention and love.

“Tsk, tsk,” the soft, sardonic masculine sound came to her immediate right. Jawl startled, her breath stuttering deep in her breath. Her immediate thought was that her father’s guard finally caught up with her nightly jaunts.

The shape of a brawny and tall man, the types her father employed to keep his precious tools (her and her sisters) safely ensconced inside the palace, waiting for him to decide their fates. Jawl gulped her brunt-orange eyes wide when the man came closer.

She would not debase herself with begging.

“The daughter of a Zaim,” the man drawled in his low voice, “taking such risks. Uncalled for.”

That voice was the most beautiful sound to ever grace her ears. Jawl’s slender shoulders briefly sagged in her blatant relief. Then, once she regained her composure and her heart beat returned to normal, did she square her shoulders and confront him.

“I took the risk,” she announced proudly with a haughty lilt, “to release you from Barid’s dungeons.” And never once regretted the decision. His incarceration and torture freed Jawl from the fear her father used to control all his daughters.

One look from his pain-clouded eyes, the misery etched in every line on his handsome face, convinced Jawl, no matter the cost, she had to release him. Barid would, learning of her willingly to lie and consort with this very man, gladly gift her to the Sakothan king he called ally.

“Of that,” Shahin’s voice softened to the barest whisper, his fingertips grazing gently across the velvet softness of her cheek, “I am eternally grateful.”

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Seduced by a Stranger - Eve Silver - Book Review

Eve Silver's latest Gothic- Historical Romance - Which I will freely admit, here and now, that I could not wait to get my greedy paws on, and so, when my mother gave me twenty dollars for my birthday (Labor Day and Eve thanks for the birthday wishes!), this was one of the books I had in mind to buy!

Warning, I am not a very good book reviewer. So any possible spoilers I may drop, I apologize now.

Eve’s books were my very first foray into the dark, gothic-historic romance genre. Oddly enough, it was another birthday of mine, a belated birthday gift from my hubs, that I had bought my first Silver book. After reading that first taste of her writing style (with the vivid words she uses the scenes and characters are painted in the mind's eye), you find that you want to read another; however, what I tend to like most about Eve’s books - not only the way she weaves the tale, making you nibble on your bottom lip to find out what happens next, and with the clues she leaves of the mystery entwined, you’re mind is whirling to process and figure out who is behind the dastardly crime- are her characters.

No, Eve’s characters are not by far labeled "perfect". They have flaws that add to the depth of their character. I profess, I have a thing for "the wounded hero" type of stories, that she extended that to include the "heroine" really appeals to me.

Catherine and Gabriel (by the way I love that name, maybe I’m prejudice because that is my youngest son’s name) are both "the tortured" types, they seem to be molded, shaped by their dark past/histories and trying desperately to move beyond it‘s gripe.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Another Birthday done and gone

Another birthday has come and gone.

For those curious, yes, I had a pretty decent/good day. What did I do on my birthday? Not a damned thing. LOL. Heheh. I had expected to be woken up by my mother calling. So when I eventually woke about eleven to noon, with no messages on the answering machine, it felt incredibly odd.

My mother is predictacle on phoning me, EARLY in the morning, to wish me a Happy Birthday. You can say that it became a tradition since I moved out, so I come to expect it every year.

Next thought to enter my head was: check my cell phone for texts. With my zanny and crazy minion friends and other pals, you never know WHAT to expect on texts, phone calls, emails, or IMs. Well, I had to chase my two oldest boys off the computer to look for my cell on the desk.

It was not where I last left it only to find the boys had knocked it on the floor. Lovely. What more, I had not one or two missed calls but SIX!. To add onto that, someone turned my ringer down to two which explains why I did not hear it ring.

My oldest goes "Oh, I heard your cell ring and ring and ring. I checked the ID and it said 'Mom's cell'. I didn't want to disturb you or get off the internet." Their father let's them run hilter skilter especially on MY computer. All six calls were from mom; she atleast left two voice mails.

After several failed attempts to return her call with no answer, I decided to hop on-line to shoot the breeze and check email. Friends IMed me, emailed me, left little love notes on my facebook, myspace and other places with birthday wishes.

Oh yeah... Stormee called me at nine/ten o'clock to wish me a Happy Birthday. I couldn't answer the phone because when the hubs was moving things Saturday, he knocked the phone on the floor, it's battery guts going everywhere. Hell the phone was on it's last legs anyways..Now the receiver part doesn't want to keep charged. So I had to IM her on facebook to let her know.

Gotta get a new phone with caller ID and answering machine just so I don't have to answer the phone with telemarkers and his family. Yes, I know I'm terrible * grins hugely*

Hubs *gasps* cooked. The day before, Sunday, he baked a German Chocolate Cake, but "I" had the ice the thing. Yeah, isn't that soo wrong to have to ice your own cake. He's sucking up badly...
Perhaps it sunk into his head finally. How he treats me on my birthday is how he'll get treated on his (nine days after mine) - and yes, I'm that vendicative. If he wants a cake for his birthday, then he needed to make/buy one for me. Him over excerting himself on baking the cake especially getting the boys in on it told me he wants this one cake I make now and then he loves.

Since his stupid job went from weekly to bi-weekly, I knew we couldn't do anything or expect anything until his next payday which is Friday. Today he was asking what I would want. All he needs to do is set me loose in Borders. Books is always a safe bet with me. I've been salivating over the dark hunter manga!!

What did I get asides from many and many well-wishes? Sorry, not gonna list all who wished me a happy birthday because I know I'd forget some, and well I really don't wish to offend them. They know who they are!

Got birthday cards from Sherry Spradlin and Deann (D's came in today, pretty purple colors! Beautiful). Anime sent me a black T-shirt and bitchin' sunglasses (to replace his old ones that mysteriously broke) for my Build-a-Bear Dev and chocolate bar with a bear on the top. Squee!
Why a black shirt for my Dev? My hubs griped and bitched that Dev, in the books, does not wear a white shirt with the Sanctuary, Home of the Howlers. That his shirt is black... So she remembered me complaining on what my hubs said. Pfft. Whenever I get to go to another signing I want her to sign the shirt.

But yeah, I gotta re-read Bad Moon Rising for what his black shirt says to make an iron-on.
Mom sent me a birthday card with a twenty dollar bill in it. Book money! Muahaha. Oh oh oh! Today I just checked my deviant and Y accounts, and an art friend (Iz) drew me a picture of her character (he's my fav!) with nothing on but a ribbon. http://isadora-legata.deviantart.com/art/Happy-Birthday-to-Rao-136310931

What else... Oh! Hehe, received an email from Bittenbybooks, on my birthday, stating that I had won the Diva bracelet on their contest from Adele Dubois.

Overall the day was pretty nice, hanging out with my children, hubs, and on-line friends. Thanks again for all the warm well wishes!!! Lubs you all! Now I'm gonna go listen to Inkubus Sukkubus's Viva La Muerte.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Story Ramblings

Battles waged for the pure lust of it. Tribe against tribe. Clan against clan. Race against race.
Chaos reigned supreme over the battle-scarred lands and war-ravaged people. The drewi, the special caste among the Daoine people, wandered about the land to try and correct the imbalance the needless fighting inflicted on the innocent.

On the clearest of nights, when the drewi of all the gods and goddesses united amongst the holy circled dolmen of stones, did they receive news of their latest threat to their people and way-of-life. To prevail, they must search for the child born during the rare Blood moon.

This girl-child would have hair like wheat and eyes of smoke. Nehhain infused her battle essence into this babe so, once grown; the young woman can unite the tribes and clans of Daoine and lead them to victory of annihilation by the Siar.

All would know this child's link to The Frenzy Berserker for she will bear HER name.


Or legend-in-the-making?

Chapter 1

Dew speckled the leaves silver in the misty morning light. Mighty oaks, the silent sentinels of the drewi grove, stood proud and majestic in the weak light of the sun. A black feathered form, its head bowed and hidden beneath a crimson cowl, stood solemnly within their center, bathing in the serenity the forest provided.

Another figure, this one wearing a mottled green and brown robe, emerged from the trees. Aeneas paused at the sight of his visitor, instinct telling him who it was.

"Aeneas," a feminine voice acknowledged warily. "You know why I have come."

Aeneas studied the female's posture. Her stance bespoke of confidence and strength. "Yes, Greer," humor laced his voice, "I do."

"Figured as much," Greer released a coarse snort. Age-worn fingers calloused by warfare swept the cowl off her head and shook golden-red braids free from constriction. For a woman of forty-winters, her hair still held the vibrancy of youth.

Gray-green eyes glinted. "Yeh always did have more talent in that direction than I ever did."

The male drewi chuckled and followed his brash companion's example by removing his cowl to reveal long skeins of midnight hair peppered with gray. Lines creviced the edges of his pale-blue eyes, those same eyes that softened with emotion as they touched the female's person. There was a wealth of meaning behind the look he cast her.

"You humble me, grafein [heart holder]," he bowed his head, "with such compliments."

Greer countered with a sly look. She assessed the body she knew lurked beneath those drewi robes. "Do I, Aeneas? Or do I simply speak the truth?" She ignored how her heart reacted to his endearment.

"Truth always lined your words," he responded, the smile never leaving his lips. "I see, Greer, that the years never dulled that sharp-wit of yours."

The two drewi were what Daoines called sight-seers, the perfect compliment to the others. There were few sigh-seers amongst the drewi. Greer saw what will be while he saw what had come before. Their visions worked in perfect concert. She was the other half of his soul, but the Fates decreed that they were never to be together.

His barb elicited laughter, but then she sobered. "I dreamt of the Blood Moon, last eve. We have not had a blood moon in eons, but I felt its importance." Greer shook the mini braids from her face and the action did nothing to quell the disturbing sense of precognition.

Aeneas sensed the seriousness of the situation from her fiery aura and the blatant worry in her eyes. Greer was not the type of woman to let her true feelings be known. He laid a sun-bronze hand on the nearest tree in hopes that Piest, his Woodland Goddess, would help in revealing the importance of his beloved's dream.

"And you came to me to see if I had a similar feeling?" He asked, selfishly needing to hear her verbally acknowledge the link between them.

The look she cast him was hard, but she then sighed in resignation. "Yeh know, as I do, thae we're bound together by our souls. Our powers are connected like our two goddesses decreed," the female drewi snarled.

Elation warmed his insides at her admission. His feisty grafein never lost her hot-headedness during their lengthy separation. Aeneas loved that about her nature. Even at the ripe age of forty, she reminded him of that fierce, wild beauty he fell in love with in his youth. She was the only woman to stir his body to life.

Time had not ravaged the muscular body he knew lurked beneath that feathered robe. Greer's body was a finely-honed blade, a warrior's body. She radiated an untamed wildness about her person. Aeneas closed his eyes against the regret he felt over their parting.

He had not wanted to leave her, but Piest insisted that he do so to strengthen their mystical bond. Aeneas knew that Nehhain gave the same mandate to Greer. Twenty-some years they did as instructed, so why now did their Goddesses bring them together?

Greer stood proudly erect, waiting as patiently as she could, for her companion to answer her. Guilt lashed at her consciousness. This was no time for revelation of her secrets. Finally he spoke.

"I have not dreamt such as you, but I have felt that the gods are trying to commune with their vessels." He looked her directly in the eye. What he was about to propose had only been done twice. "Piest said that we need to gather our drewi breathen together on the new moon and conduct the speaking ritual."

Drewi of separate castes rarely converged with another caste to conduct rituals. They remained staunch to their order and patron deity. His goddess's instruction on calling all the orders together for this one ritual told him of its importance. Piest already alerted him that the other gods and goddesses alerted their followers.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Drow in books

The other day, on our way home from the store, the hubs and I began talking about drows. He's well aware of my drow fascination / obsession (Sometimes I fell like I should stand up and say "Hi, my name is Raonaid, and I'm obsessed with drow.")

My hubs commented on the latest Drizzt book he's reading (by R.A. Salvatore), how great the book is, and so and so. Salvatore's Dark Elven Trilogy got me started on my drow obsession.

I made the innocent comment on how I'd like to see more drow in books, how little books there are, and how some romance authors are actually bringing them into their books.

The one author that came into mind was Cheyenne McCray. Especially her latest book which Lillie told me today she got me. Squee!! I can't wait! She's well aware of my drow obsession.

Though when i mentioned the romance authors are bringing drows into their books to my husband, McCray was in my mind. Yeah, I know Jet Mykles does drow erotica (which really floored me when I found out!).

Which got me and the hubs thinking of how many series out there that have drows. There is Elaine Cunningham's Liriel Baenre books (which I was dissatisfied with the last book Wind Walker. I guess I wanted the happily ever after for Liriel and Fyodor)

Another is of course R.A. Salvatore. Many books to be in fact. Salvatore is to blame for my total love of them. Their realm, the way women are in power, and their entire structure just grabbed me.

Then there is the series that Salvatore kinda hosted: War of the Spider Queen by various authors. Again it fed my drow needs. But then, since I got into drows I studied up on D&D's drow info. For a time an old role playing buddy I no longer associate with use to IM me up just to ask me drow questions.

That spinned off a series from the War of the Spider Queen by Lisa Smedman called Lady Penitent. This series changes everything I knew about D&D's drows... especially their pantheons. But does that dissaude me?

HELL NO! I want her to write more on this vein... to continue.

Now onto Romance authors with drows.

Cheyenne McCray has drows in her Magic series. Oh I squeed and did a happy dance when i found out about it.

Then there is Jet Mykles.

Tonight, Lillie was telling me about an ebook she won called King of the Unblessed by Michelle M Pillow.

So tell me, is there any other books with drows in them? I would definitely love to get a listing. And for those authors out... Hint, hint, nudge nudge. I want me some drow books!

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Character Interview

Good evening, we are here with...

Keiva: I am Keiva Nair Talbain

Greetings Ms. Talbain. May I say that you’ve got quite the interesting and unique name

Keiva: (smiles with a faint blush) Thank you for having me for your first Character Interview. “Keiva” is Irish-Gaelic for “gentleness;beauty”. And if you are curious about the pronunciation it’s “Keev-ah. Talbain is Rom according to my mother.

This is a normal get to know you interview, if there is any question you don't feel like answering, thats fine.

Keiva: Alright.

And thank you for taking your time to come here today.

Keiva: It’s really no problem at all.

We'll get to the normal stuff. How old are you? Birthdate?

Keiva: I am twenty-one years old, October 28

What is your occupation?

Keiva: Full-time college student, and part-time at the local hospital

Dream job?

Keiva: To become a doctor.

How is the work life for you there?

Keiva: School can be pretty stressful with the variety of people around; however, the challenge it offers me exhilarates me. Each class I take brings me one step closer to my goal of becoming a professional doctor in the correct term of the words.

Work at the hospital is great. I’ve already became a vital asset to the hospital. They tend to utilize my presence because of the calm my being there brings to the patients and their loved ones. This makes me feel that I’m making a difference.

What do you do on your time off or after work?

Keiva: Surely you and your readers would find my life quite boring… I’m a loner, much more than my brother Taran. The few friends I’ve made call me a hermit and recluse because if it doesn’t deal with the hospital or school, then I’ll be found in my apartment listening to music while I study, commune with my goddess, reading a good romance novel, or watching a good movie.

You mentioned a brother. What is his name, and do you have any siblings?

Keiva: Taranaich Marbon Talbain, Taran for short. (looks sheepish) As you can see my mother loved the traditional Gaelic names. Then I have an older half-sister named Keely; she was nineteen, starting her own family when Taran and I came into the picture.

Wow, what an age difference there.

Keiva: My brother and I were not planned. Actually, mum’s affair with our father was a spontaneous thing due to her loneliness with her then husband on active duty. It was a complicated mess, one that mother tried not to think of too much of while me and Taran

Sorry to hear. So I take it that you and Taran did not know your father much?

Keiva: When mum learned of our existence, she did contact our father. He was there when we came into the world, insisting Taran and I bear his surname. During the early days, he was a constant presence… but as we got older, his time away from us began to lengthen. He taught us what he felt we should know

Is it alright to ask you to tell us about your parents?

Keiva: Certainly! My mother's name was Zion Lorgana. She is what you would call a drui or druid. It's sort of a family tradition... and I'm the only child out of her brood to follow in her footsteps. She passed on three years ago.

As for my father, his name is Valerian Talbain. Aside from him being Rom, I don't know much more than that... Only that he passed on his lycanthropy to Taran and I.

Everyone wants to know but do you have a boyfriend, lover, etc?

Keiva: (blushes) Much to a few friends of mine’s disappointment, there is no man in my life. My friend Helena is trying hard to fix that little blight. (Meat Loaf’s “The Monster is Loose” starts jingling on her cell). I hate to bring this interview to an end but I really need to take this call. It’s Taran but thanks again for having me.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Character Interview Saturdays

Since I had a full day today... Character Interview will be posted tomorrow. Sorry for not sticking to the schedule. The past two days have been busy and such... The character being interviewed is one of mine.

Keeshe Friday - Late

So sorry about the lateness

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Rambling Thursday - Untitled

I wish I could say that I was a normal woman. The fact of the matter is I am far from normal, not even close to the mark. There are two sides of my nature, and the two often conflicts and wars on the other.

I am what you call an anomaly, a freak-of-nature. Even my druid mother is not certain how I and my older twin Taran came into existence. Lycanthropy is not suppose to be inheritable or so the dusty tombs say.


Rao's commentary - Yeah, so I cheated on my first post to Ramblings Thursday. Why i wrote this in first person POV? Dunno, just the character insisted.

First-person is extremely difficult for me to write. I'm more comfortable writing third person... but for some reason I liked this beginning. That first line kept insisting on being written..

Ramblings Thursday

Since I really don't get too much traffic on here, I decided Thursdays will be "Ramblings Thursdays. Where I'll post some lame * ducks and dodges her friend's smacks* writings of mine.

Warning... There may be some that won't go too far. There may be a few that might. Just depends on the whims of my fickle muse. Some posts will be what inspired me of the day.

I don't get to write very much anymore. Too much distractions that just interrupt me.

AND, to put this out there for one and all, I have no drive or desire to be published. Absolutely no interest. Another, I know I suck at grammar, spelling, and other stuff. It's just for fun, to relieve the imagination build up in my head. A way to express some creativity.

Mm, since I'm doing Ramblings Thursdays.. Friday's are going to be dedicated to my friend Keeshe to post some of her wonderful artwork up. So yeah, Friday's will now be known as Keeshe Fridays. Hehe.

Now to search something to put up for Ramblings Thursday

Thursday, April 16, 2009

<3 My friends

You never realize how fortunate "you" are to have the friends you do until they do something that really touches you. I had absolutely no idea what my Minion friends were up too.

Monday, or there abouts, one had asked me if I got anything "interesting" in my mailbox. This had me really baffled and I answered honestly "No, should I?". My curiousity grew when she told me "Forget that I asked."

I just figured that someone sent me books. * grins * Books, to me, is the most wondeful gifts anyone can get me. Why, when the hubs has extra money, and it's our anniversary, mother's day, or my birthday, he'll give me money to go to borders to spend. Family give me practical things like bakery items (which I'm sorry I get insulted because I'm not much of a baker) or clothes.. Things that you have to feign excitement over when there is none.

Yesterday the Fed Ex arrived with the hubs answering the door. Grr, he almost sent the man on his way until I came to the door. The guy asks me "Is this you?" I look down and it's a mixture of my real name and my internet alias/writer name."

I tell him that "yeah it's me". He then hands me this largish box. By this time I'm confused, wondering "What the hell?" because I knew I didn't win anything that warranted Fed-Ex. And the fact that all the contests I won was single books, nothing to be sent in a box.

I look at the return address. "Build a Bear Workshop." Which I was like "......?" Out-of-the-blue it hits me. I remember while cutting the tape that one of the Minions is really into build a bear.

It really did not hit me until I pulled him out. By then, the hubs is yelling at me for the name they used to ship the box to me, asking me if I was ashamed or embarrassed my my surname. (My rant on that is.. Luckwell is my grandmother's maiden name, I thought it was special to honor her by using it as a pen name)

To see my Dev bear, to have it in my hands, I was touched to near tears. I was just... speechless. I then remember what the one friend had asked. So I IMed her asking if she "knew" about my Dev doll.

The brat says "Define know". She tells me to "Read the letter enclosed". Here is what it read: My ass was stuffed in Minion Cave. Here is something some of us thought you would like. He is made with love and lots of caring, made just for you. Wishing you lots of Love, Happiness and Good Memories in your new home. Also to keep you company until a certain bear shows up. :D

I really wanted to cry then. Even my hubs rants did not dim the warmth, the pleasure in this gift. They thought of everything. They had a little tattoo on his arm; he even had a dog collar with his name Deveraux Peltier "Dev"

Of course the hubs had to go "Dev doesn't wear a white shirt and doesn't wear that much leather." I didn't care.. He was my Dev!!! How do we know that he doesn't like leather correct? On his day off on sanctuary who knows?

To find out, the entire Cave talked about doing this for me while I was internetless and staying with my mother until our place was ready. They were all involved in thought and stuff.

Me and Dev! Yeah I look awful.. and that's my natural hair color. Bleh I need to dye it. I wanna do dark brown or black

As Lillie said... this picture has ALL my obsessions: Dev Peltier, Dr. Pepper, Anime, my comp. She's right, but one thing she didn't know.. to the left, right and above is book shelves.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Lilacs for Laura - Dianne Miley

I am going to attempt another review. Please note and bare with me because I'm not very good at doing them; however, I felt this author and her book deserving of one.

Just for a warning, I may give out
"spoilers". I try not too but they often just slip out of me in my enthusiasm over a story.

I've been in a very bad reading funk, having difficulties connecting and concentrating on books and authors I generally devoured. If one looked at my "normal" monthly reading, they'd witness a dramatic drop. What is my "normal" monthly read? 15-20 books (I'm lucky now to read three books a month).

Well, "LILACS FOR LAURA" snagged my complete attention, despite having to read the ebook on my desktop (sadly one of my boys ran a magnet over my ereader's screen, and the hubs can not fix it) and risk eye-sore from the brightness of the screen but I simply could not disengage myself from reading more of the plot, storyline, and characters.

I've been eyeing Dianne's books for a while now. The beautiful cover of this one catching my attention with the gorgeous display of light lavender lilacs. Lilacs hold a very fond meaning to me for they remind me of my grandmother who was always my staunchest support and my hero.

Then there was "ROSES FOR RACHEL". Is it lame to be attracted to books where the heroine shares your birthname, along with the same spelling?

Dianne succeeded beautifully in making the reader interact with her characters. You simply can not help loving her grandmother (she made me cherish and miss mine all over again!), or cheering her mother on when she put the nasty gossiper in her place (yeah I raised my fist with the "You tell 'er"). She even made me want to take a cast iron skillet to Jake's face.

Brett was a total keeper. It was nice to see a man who held such devotion to his mother (especially with her Italian temper, I have an Italian step-father in law so I'm well aware of their tempers) and such hard worker.

Some may say Laura came off at weak but not so to me. She was not as spunky as I like in heroines but she really didn't let too much walk over her. The situations she dealt with and shouldered in the story to perserve her family made the story all more compelling and yes believable. When an author gets you that involved with the story and characters, you know you have a keeper.

Then there is the character with my namesake. Yeah, she's the side character in this story (but gets her own story which I'll have to get sometime soon if the hubby is willing and the fiances let me).

For an inspirational romance, a genre I have not read before, I would highly suggest this story to others and will be gladly be suggesting this books to my fellow book lover friends and more!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

New place

The other day I had a visitor of the four-legged kind. Heh, I must have made quite the impression. I had just finished making pizza snacks for my boys and the neighbor's kid (seems like he's right at home here oh joy), the hubs just came home from working on someone's computer and had the door right open to let in the breeze, when I looked outside to see this black and white fur on the porch.

I was on the couch folding laundry when I jumped up going "Shelby's loose." Yeah, loser that I am learned the named of our one neighbor's Siberan Husky. My nickname for her is gorgeous. Next thing I knew, she was in the house heading towards me.

The neighbor said she was friendly, that the worst she'd do was knock you on your ass and lick you. Well I wasn't sure what my fearless killer Warlock (toy dachund) would do. Yeah he was use to playing with a big black lab mix...

So I get up, meet Shelby half way, and took her collar to bring her back to her masters when her mistress was at the door. She's apologizing "I'm sooo sorry about this. She just shot out the door." We assured her that it was fine.

Hell, I don't mind a gorgeous creature like that visiting me. That's where she was heading. She's always welcomed, and she ignored Warlock's yipping.

The boys started their new school yesterday. I was surprised that they took them that day. Today was day two there. Newport only had two kids of milk: white and chocolate. Emerson had four: white, chocolate, pink, and skim. I was like Holy Shite!

I was more worried about Harlen making friends.. so when he said "I sit between two friends" I was happy. So I asked Austin... He was telling me about two people. Then I asked "So any cute girls." Austin thinks a bit and goes "Nooo."

So I go "Ahh, still loyal to Trinity eh?" Trinity being a lil blonde from Newport that he said is his girlfriend. He says so blase "So far." I laughed my ass off. So I turned to my oldest who sat beside me "So any cute girls?" It took him a minute to think before going "No."

Yes, I'm a terrible mother.