Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Children's Games....

I'm coming out of my seclusion / hermit cave to write this... My two youngest sons like to "play fight" over me. I've dubbed it "My Mama! Game"

Usually one or the other instigates it. What they do is, they come up to me and either hug me or hold on to me, then look to their sibling and claim "My Mama!" Now I never know when they start this game. I could be doing anything: cooking, dishes, cleaning, watching tv, playing on the computer, or even lying on the floor reading.

Today it was Gabriel. I was not really feeling that hot, acid reflux and I have no idea what was going on with my head. It was not a headache, but like there was pressure not to mention light-headed. My body did not know weither to pass out or throw up. So I took "Dark hunger" by Rita Herron and made a little area on the floor to lie down. It's my new place to read.

So I'm reading. Gaby comes over and drops his head on my stomach, making me go "Whooosh". He looks over to Austin who is playing on their daddy's computer with the oldest Harlen Jr and says "My Mama!"

Naturally Austin can not leave that alone. Before I know it, I have a nine year old cuddling up to my side, hugging on to me with this "neiner neiner" look at Gabe and yes, saying "MY Mama!"

Well... guess who decides to get into the "My Mama! Game"? No, not my oldest. His face is glued to the computer screen. A certain, small, wee little pomchii decides that SHE is going to get into the action. So, along with a nine and five year old hugging saying "My Mama!" I have a little shit climbing up on my chest, nipping at her human brothers and then.

I put her down on the ground, laughing, only for the little shit to climb back up and do it again. So here I am trying to fend off Nyxie girl and my two boys. No reading getting done at all.