Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Dreams in anime style

Curious to know if anyone else has ever dreamed in anime style?

Monday, when I got up the second time (I always fall asleep once I shove the boys off to catch the bus), this dream was fresh inside my mind. There are parts that are so incredibly clear, and then there are parts that are disjointed.

Throughout the day, the dream remained, playing with my mind, so when I seen one particular friend on-line. She's an anime-holic, one who has so often in the past, given me box sets for birthdays and christmas. She even let me borrow her Rurouni Kenshin collection just so I could see them all.

I thought "If anyone has dreamed in anime style, then she has." Apparently not. She has dreamed of figures in anime, but they possessed human qualities than cartoon.

Ahhh yes, the dream. I know it involved elves. I really don't know much of their structure, but they feel different from the elves that I usually write about. I distinctively remember two characters... There is a fiesty yet shy, skinny red-haired female. Then there is a tall, handsome male.

I get the impression that the male and his father know about the red-haired one... but something she does (going head long into a haunted building or run-down building to help someone) draws the male's attention to REALLY see the red-haired one.

For the male, there is a spark of interest in her; however, he chooses not to show it openly. Why? I don't know. I do know the red head can come off as mouthy when angered, and the male affectionately calls her "his Crazy lady" or "his crazy one"

The female feels that the male simply tolerates her, treats her like he would a little sister..

Then the scene seems to jump to another scene. There is this royal elf with a symbol on her face. I know she was standing defiant towards her captor. She said something, "You may hold me, but there is another ruling house, one that chose to live in obscurity to keep from this happening. The heir, he has found his chosen mate."

That is all that I really remember from the dream. My friend, the one I asked, she said that had the fine makings of a story. If I can take that, flesh it out, and it would make one hell of a story.

Thinking about it... She's correct. Perhaps I can create another world, kinda like what I'm doing with a side WIP (not the one I'm working on)'s world building. I know the red-haired one... I "feel" that she's alienated from the other elves... then it comes to me.. She's a half-breed, so that explains the alienation from the rest and why she was so strickingly different.

Never did catch their names