Saturday, May 26, 2018


AUTHOR: Jeffe Kennedy
GENRE: Dark fantasy
Rating: 4.5

Imperial Princess Jenna is the firstborn daughter of Emperor Einarr Konyngrr and his first wife Hulda. She has spent the majority of her life sequestered behind a seraglio’s gilded walls. Jenna diligently prepares for the day she leaves the seraglio and marries the man her parents had chosen. However, her betrothed is not what she expected. Can Jenna endure her husband’s mistreatment long enough to escape? Or will he be her doom?

I have been curious about Jenna’s story since her part in THE EDGE OF THE BLADE, book two in THE UNCHARTED REALMS. She is such a remarkable heroine, who demonstrates such growth towards the end of the story. I adore how Jenna uses her abuse to counsel her impressionable younger brother to treat women better. But, what I admire the most about Jenna is the sacrifices she willingly makes to keep her sisters from sharing her fate.

PRISONER OF THE CROWN is book one in Jeffe Kennedy’s fantasy series, THE CHRONICLES OF DASNARIA, another spinoff from her THE TWELVE KINGDOM books. The story surprised me. I expected a fantasy romance like the author’s prior books; however, this story has absolutely no romance in it. It does touch on violent triggers, especially domestic abuse against women. I like how the author delves into Dasnaria patriarchy culture and seraglios’ politics.

I already fell in love with Harlan, the hero from THE TALON OF THE HAWK, book one in THE TWELVE KINGDOMS series. His steadfast determination to help Jenna made me love him even more. However, I wish I could say the same about Kral, the hero from THE EDGE OF THE BLADE, book two in THE UNCHARTED REALMS. I am glad that he changed from this story to his.

PRISONER OF THE CROWN is a heartrending tale of a princess’s harrowing journey to escape her sheltered and privileged existence. I like how the entire story is written in Jenna’s perspective. I cannot wait to read the continuation of her future journeys.