Thursday, October 15, 2009

Cold Weather - Startling Discovery about my WIP

It appears that cooler weather has came with a vengenance. For some they are pleased and happy by this, and then there are others that dread it.

"I" am apart of the latter. Why my apathy for cold and winter? Really I can not say. Funny, because my mawmaw (Alice Denton) use to entertain me with stories on how as a tike I loved the cold and cried when the snow melted.

She and now my pawpaw shall be remembered this Samhain.

My Work In Progress "Warrior of the Moon" (tentative title for now), I use to stumble on how best to describe the story for those who were curious. Well, the other day while watching the 1980 British Robin of Sherwood (The first disc; I loved this show as a teen), it struck me how similiar in certain ways to my story.

Warrior of the Moon has a thieving band who live (and thrive) in the forest. The leader of this band has a hefty price on his head, and he robs caravans who dare come through the forest.

See the similiarity there? Heheh. I can not say it was intention since Rhaedayel, the leader of this band is not my character but on loan to me from a friend of mine. Rhae and his thieving band is all her construct.

Mine was just supplying a name to the forest they inhabited, along with the heroine, temple, and such. When I brought the similiarites up to my friend, even she was amused by it.

More on the similiarities. In Robin of Sherwood, Marian was on her way to the Abbey to become a Novice. In Warrior of the Moon, Eriea was raised in the temple dedicated to the elven goddess of Moonlight (Sehanine Moonbow) and ascented to a paladin. Another similiarities - Both Marian and Eriea are "noblewomen."

Now the differences - We start with Eriea - the main heroine of my WIP. She's an empath who had been mentally and emotionally abused by her uncle, and thus to please him she repressed her elven heritage.

Yes, Eriea is 1/4 moon elven (I could never do the math. Her father was a half breed, and her mother was full mortal). She bares some of her elven heritage like the slight slant to her mood-changing purple eyes, and the point to her dainty little ears.

The differences with Rhaedayel and Robin - Where Robin stole from the rich and gave to the poor. Rhaedayel tended to keep what he stole from the caravans to feed and take care of his band who looked toward him for guidance.

Not sure about Robin Hood, but Rhaedayel is a known wastrel, seducer of women. There is no Sheriff of Nottingham, but Rhaedayel can not enter several of the cities around the forest due to the bounty of his head.

The main difference is the worlds. Warriors of the Moon takes place in a world that me and two friends pieced together. They had realms they had designed and created, and so we meshed them into one world: Feiden.

This world has unicorns, elves, dragons, etc.

But, those are the similarities that had came to me. Ahh, another difference is how Rhaedayel and Eriea met. Eriea was found wounded in the forest where Rhae found her, and she was meant to be the rogue's latest conquest...

Heh heh heh what he did not expect was her resistence and the challenge she presented. Eriea held herself aloof, an ice shell, as she spoke in a cool monotoned voice, and did not fall easy with his charm.

* Sighs * This is the one story I always keep coming back too. I just love mapping and thinking of their story. I've had many people express a liking to the story, one said something about it enthralling her.

I need to work out steps to coax my muse back, to bring the words back to my soul, to direct those words from my brain to my fingers to put it on page. I really want to complete this story so I could venture out on other stories in me.

Do I want to be publish? Will the story sell? Honestly I don't know. I know that I don't have the thick skin to handle rejections. I've grown up with rejection after rejection, and you would think I grew accustomed to it.

Well I have not. However, if someone liked it enough to want to publish it, I know I would have to change the pantheons I used due to them being Dungeons and Dragons. Then maybe I'd consider it.

Will the story sell? Again, I am not sure. Selling a book is not the reason I continue to write. I write because of how active my imagination can be, and if I brought a measure of joy, contentment to a reader, then I'm happy to know they enjoyed the characters just as I did!