Thursday, April 16, 2009

<3 My friends

You never realize how fortunate "you" are to have the friends you do until they do something that really touches you. I had absolutely no idea what my Minion friends were up too.

Monday, or there abouts, one had asked me if I got anything "interesting" in my mailbox. This had me really baffled and I answered honestly "No, should I?". My curiousity grew when she told me "Forget that I asked."

I just figured that someone sent me books. * grins * Books, to me, is the most wondeful gifts anyone can get me. Why, when the hubs has extra money, and it's our anniversary, mother's day, or my birthday, he'll give me money to go to borders to spend. Family give me practical things like bakery items (which I'm sorry I get insulted because I'm not much of a baker) or clothes.. Things that you have to feign excitement over when there is none.

Yesterday the Fed Ex arrived with the hubs answering the door. Grr, he almost sent the man on his way until I came to the door. The guy asks me "Is this you?" I look down and it's a mixture of my real name and my internet alias/writer name."

I tell him that "yeah it's me". He then hands me this largish box. By this time I'm confused, wondering "What the hell?" because I knew I didn't win anything that warranted Fed-Ex. And the fact that all the contests I won was single books, nothing to be sent in a box.

I look at the return address. "Build a Bear Workshop." Which I was like "......?" Out-of-the-blue it hits me. I remember while cutting the tape that one of the Minions is really into build a bear.

It really did not hit me until I pulled him out. By then, the hubs is yelling at me for the name they used to ship the box to me, asking me if I was ashamed or embarrassed my my surname. (My rant on that is.. Luckwell is my grandmother's maiden name, I thought it was special to honor her by using it as a pen name)

To see my Dev bear, to have it in my hands, I was touched to near tears. I was just... speechless. I then remember what the one friend had asked. So I IMed her asking if she "knew" about my Dev doll.

The brat says "Define know". She tells me to "Read the letter enclosed". Here is what it read: My ass was stuffed in Minion Cave. Here is something some of us thought you would like. He is made with love and lots of caring, made just for you. Wishing you lots of Love, Happiness and Good Memories in your new home. Also to keep you company until a certain bear shows up. :D

I really wanted to cry then. Even my hubs rants did not dim the warmth, the pleasure in this gift. They thought of everything. They had a little tattoo on his arm; he even had a dog collar with his name Deveraux Peltier "Dev"

Of course the hubs had to go "Dev doesn't wear a white shirt and doesn't wear that much leather." I didn't care.. He was my Dev!!! How do we know that he doesn't like leather correct? On his day off on sanctuary who knows?

To find out, the entire Cave talked about doing this for me while I was internetless and staying with my mother until our place was ready. They were all involved in thought and stuff.

Me and Dev! Yeah I look awful.. and that's my natural hair color. Bleh I need to dye it. I wanna do dark brown or black

As Lillie said... this picture has ALL my obsessions: Dev Peltier, Dr. Pepper, Anime, my comp. She's right, but one thing she didn't know.. to the left, right and above is book shelves.