Thursday, June 4, 2009

Drow in books

The other day, on our way home from the store, the hubs and I began talking about drows. He's well aware of my drow fascination / obsession (Sometimes I fell like I should stand up and say "Hi, my name is Raonaid, and I'm obsessed with drow.")

My hubs commented on the latest Drizzt book he's reading (by R.A. Salvatore), how great the book is, and so and so. Salvatore's Dark Elven Trilogy got me started on my drow obsession.

I made the innocent comment on how I'd like to see more drow in books, how little books there are, and how some romance authors are actually bringing them into their books.

The one author that came into mind was Cheyenne McCray. Especially her latest book which Lillie told me today she got me. Squee!! I can't wait! She's well aware of my drow obsession.

Though when i mentioned the romance authors are bringing drows into their books to my husband, McCray was in my mind. Yeah, I know Jet Mykles does drow erotica (which really floored me when I found out!).

Which got me and the hubs thinking of how many series out there that have drows. There is Elaine Cunningham's Liriel Baenre books (which I was dissatisfied with the last book Wind Walker. I guess I wanted the happily ever after for Liriel and Fyodor)

Another is of course R.A. Salvatore. Many books to be in fact. Salvatore is to blame for my total love of them. Their realm, the way women are in power, and their entire structure just grabbed me.

Then there is the series that Salvatore kinda hosted: War of the Spider Queen by various authors. Again it fed my drow needs. But then, since I got into drows I studied up on D&D's drow info. For a time an old role playing buddy I no longer associate with use to IM me up just to ask me drow questions.

That spinned off a series from the War of the Spider Queen by Lisa Smedman called Lady Penitent. This series changes everything I knew about D&D's drows... especially their pantheons. But does that dissaude me?

HELL NO! I want her to write more on this vein... to continue.

Now onto Romance authors with drows.

Cheyenne McCray has drows in her Magic series. Oh I squeed and did a happy dance when i found out about it.

Then there is Jet Mykles.

Tonight, Lillie was telling me about an ebook she won called King of the Unblessed by Michelle M Pillow.

So tell me, is there any other books with drows in them? I would definitely love to get a listing. And for those authors out... Hint, hint, nudge nudge. I want me some drow books!