Monday, September 3, 2012


               Mmm, this blog has been forgotten for such a long time, and only used to endorse this contest or that.  Not to mention shamelessly plug some awesome authors and broadly display the many street teams I belong to.

               Decided to post my adventure as an amateur writer. Couple weeks back I had happen what many writers/authors dread. Not the deletion of the WIP file but really it comes close to that.  The file, the one that housed not only my written word but my notes in the right sequence placement got corrupted!

               Oh how I wanted to cry, toss my external out the window, and call it a loss.  At that moment I let discouragement consume me, even questioned about continuing writing.

               Fortunate for me I loved playing with the document. Decorating it and then saving it as a pdf file in the grand illusion of seeing how it would “look” as an ebook.  Hey everyone can dream write? Every novice writer likes to see their blood, sweat, and tears in book form.

               Lucky for me that paid off. No – not in the sense that I got a publishing deal.  My dreams have not reached that level. To be honest I dread it only because inwardly I do not believe my words are “good enough”. And that I would be told that straight up.

               No… lucky for me the corrupted file did not mean a complete loss.  All that was missing from the pdf was three or four of my notes that I had recorded in a file. Happy days when I found them!

               Since this particular Work in Progress is my longest story, ten years plus in the writing, revamping, and adding.  So I could not let the story die completely.  Besides I love the characters within so much to dishonor them in that way.

               I decided the arduous process of rewriting, hoping to get inspiration to write out the notes to the parts I need.  Each chapter’s rewrite’s completion I zip the file and email to the account I use for my Kindle to store. Backups!

               Just started the rewrites three days ago and I got the prologue and chapter one finished. Good progress if I do believe so.  It is going to be a long and slow progress.  My plan is to try to rewrite at least some part every day and then reward myself with reading.