Thursday, September 4, 2008

Birthday surprise

I just have to say that I have some of the awesome-ist, cool, thoughtful friends in the world. So my birthday is literally right around the corner, on Sunday. I've had about three b-day wishes on myspace alone, two being authors.

Then Keeshe has been wishing me a happy b-day everyday until it actually is. She started a change reaction in chat when she wished me one. Then everyone's like "Happy B-day Rao"

Even my friend J-chan wished me an early b-day (her's being today which I gave her an early happy bday wishes and left er a message about wishing her birthday wishes.)

Keeshe wrote me a birthday gift. I so lubs it. Dev Peltier belongs to Sherrilyn Kenyon..but I thought to share it with everyone!

After a long day which fell into an evening of chatter with her friends and rp mates, Rao felt exhausted but pleased. Another day of her kids in bed actually sleeping and another day she was not harassed by her husband. It was a miracle really. Now if only that could continue for the rest of eternity, everything will be great. Oh and a million dollars will come in the mail without any strings attached.

But no one was truly that lucky. She'll just take what she can get.

A good night sleep for one. Which she hopes is exactly what she'll get tonight. Opening the door to her bedroom, she noticed the lights were off and it was definitely dark. The light from the outside filtered in from behind her, casting a long shadow to the bed. There was a bare leg on the bed. She could see a color of tawny flesh above the sheets. That.. is not her husband's leg. She blinked and rubbed her eyes under her glasses. Did she walk into the wrong room? She looked over her shoulder then back into the room. No, Rao was in the right room.

Her gaze followed the leg up into the shadows, while her eyes adjusted she saw more form. More male form. That was definitely not her husband! There was someone naked or perhaps semi naked in her room. The first thing she imagined was to call the cops to protect the boys.. But what if the person was dead? Damn it, the sheets be ruined!

A low moan came from the bed. A male moan.

Yeah, that isn't her husband. He doesn't sound half as good as that. It drew a shiver down her spine and that sensation is rare.

Alright.. There is someone on her bed, naked or semi naked, alive. Now what? Her gut said to call the cops. But this was Newport, Cops coming on time from a call would be like the second coming.. Nothing. If only she had a bat. With the kids to bed, she could take care of this. She could. She hoped. "You better not attack.. I'm five feet of wild cat." She muttered as her hand reached for the light switch. Be prepared...Be prepared.

The lights flared on and she squinted to avoid the sting of bright white until normalcy returned. Her eyes went back to the bed and her jaw dropped to the floor. "Nooo..." She gave in shocked awe. This was not possible. There was a naked god on her bed.

Naked and.. Were those handcuffs? Oh but he was naked. Perfect body, from gold mane down to large but handsome bare feet. Even his toes were nice! Her gaze moved around and up and down, losing track of them even, because there was so..much of him! He was big but in a good sexual deviant lusty way. A man like this does not exist here in Newport! Did she fall asleep at the computer? If she did, she sure as hell is a sauna, wasn't going to wake up!

"Oh goddess." Breathing was becoming difficult.

A flash of dark ink snagged her attention, it came from his arm as it seems he was slowly becoming conscious. One step closer, she recognized the tattoo. Double bow mark. Only one person, blond, gorgeous, and with that mark. Devereaux Peltier. Or as everyone calls him Dev.

But that is not possible. Far far from possible. Impossible. But thoroughly naked and handcuffed to her bed. Her brows went up as she stared, alarmingly. How could this happen? She must be dreaming. She pinched herself quickly, this time to be sure. Nope, just a bit of sting but the vision did not leave her bed. She had a naked man on her bed who does not truely exist. But it didn't stop her from looking her fill.

Another step in, Dev's leg moved, pushing at something white and folded. A letter. Ah-ha! An explanation! She dove in and snatched it up even though her fingers were wanting to brush over those beautiful legs instead. That will have to wait for now. She opened it with a simple yet familiar handwriting.

Dear Rachie,
Don't ask how. Just enjoy. OH, and your hubby will be gone for the rest of your life as.. Missing. So sorry. But here is a nice Dev to cheer you up. He's all yours.

Love, Your ever evil diabolical sister

P.S: The key to the cuffs are on the desk. Do everything I know you would do and then some. <3>

Her eyes peered over the paper when she heard more movement from the bed. Seems Dev was becoming fully awake. His eyes seemed drowsy but that was sure to fade as they stared. Turning slightly, he settled onto his back, drawing one legs up to gain her full scrutiny. "So." He deep voice causing flutters into her belly. "Five foot of wild cat..? I'd like to see that."

Smiling, Rachie tossed the paper away as she thought to her next new move. "You will."

A full smile came to his handsome lips. "I also hear its your birthday."

"It sure is." Then she pounced.

Dev belongs and copywritten by Sherrilyn kenyon. Keeshe just knows he's my favorite of her series!