Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Immortal: The Crossing - Joy Nash

Finally, awesomely, won Nash's latest Immortal book. You'd swear when I seen the package with Joy's name on it, that it was Christmas or something. I was that excited!

What's even more funny, that I won another of her contests for the books. Since all I really need is one signed copy, not that I love Joy any less, but I really wanted someone else who loves her books and this series to win a copy, so I asked if she didn't mind drawing another name.

She told me in a chat (after complimenting my screen name visionary_druid Squee!) that the girl who won it appreciated what I did. Hopefully that'll add to the good karma. I know it made me feel immensely good.

Alright, I'm "suppose" to do a review on the book. I "suck" badly at reviews; I generally give spoilers in it. So, take this little area right here as a warning that there might be spoilers, read the rest at your own risk if you haven't read the book yet:

Manannan mac Lir, the son of a Sidhe mother and god father Lir, and the world's top musician. Then you have Artemis Black - a witch that has both death and light magic and an interesting blood lines in her ancestry.

She's really not the type of girl that he generally falls for; however, he finds that he simply can not resist her natural temptation and loses all control. Mac senses no evil in her, just this desperation that she won't gallingly confide in him.

He risks so much to help her achieve whatever it is that's compelling her... even willingly follow her into one place his life-magic is reputed to have no real effect, a place that before he'd never dream of venturing, to a place that he'd have a huge handicapp... To Hell