Tuesday, March 10, 2009

New place

The other day I had a visitor of the four-legged kind. Heh, I must have made quite the impression. I had just finished making pizza snacks for my boys and the neighbor's kid (seems like he's right at home here oh joy), the hubs just came home from working on someone's computer and had the door right open to let in the breeze, when I looked outside to see this black and white fur on the porch.

I was on the couch folding laundry when I jumped up going "Shelby's loose." Yeah, loser that I am learned the named of our one neighbor's Siberan Husky. My nickname for her is gorgeous. Next thing I knew, she was in the house heading towards me.

The neighbor said she was friendly, that the worst she'd do was knock you on your ass and lick you. Well I wasn't sure what my fearless killer Warlock (toy dachund) would do. Yeah he was use to playing with a big black lab mix...

So I get up, meet Shelby half way, and took her collar to bring her back to her masters when her mistress was at the door. She's apologizing "I'm sooo sorry about this. She just shot out the door." We assured her that it was fine.

Hell, I don't mind a gorgeous creature like that visiting me. That's where she was heading. She's always welcomed, and she ignored Warlock's yipping.

The boys started their new school yesterday. I was surprised that they took them that day. Today was day two there. Newport only had two kids of milk: white and chocolate. Emerson had four: white, chocolate, pink, and skim. I was like Holy Shite!

I was more worried about Harlen making friends.. so when he said "I sit between two friends" I was happy. So I asked Austin... He was telling me about two people. Then I asked "So any cute girls." Austin thinks a bit and goes "Nooo."

So I go "Ahh, still loyal to Trinity eh?" Trinity being a lil blonde from Newport that he said is his girlfriend. He says so blase "So far." I laughed my ass off. So I turned to my oldest who sat beside me "So any cute girls?" It took him a minute to think before going "No."

Yes, I'm a terrible mother.