Thursday, May 28, 2009

Ramblings Thursday

Since I really don't get too much traffic on here, I decided Thursdays will be "Ramblings Thursdays. Where I'll post some lame * ducks and dodges her friend's smacks* writings of mine.

Warning... There may be some that won't go too far. There may be a few that might. Just depends on the whims of my fickle muse. Some posts will be what inspired me of the day.

I don't get to write very much anymore. Too much distractions that just interrupt me.

AND, to put this out there for one and all, I have no drive or desire to be published. Absolutely no interest. Another, I know I suck at grammar, spelling, and other stuff. It's just for fun, to relieve the imagination build up in my head. A way to express some creativity.

Mm, since I'm doing Ramblings Thursdays.. Friday's are going to be dedicated to my friend Keeshe to post some of her wonderful artwork up. So yeah, Friday's will now be known as Keeshe Fridays. Hehe.

Now to search something to put up for Ramblings Thursday