Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Sin Undone by Larissa Ione Review

I decided, while riding the strong currents of the book-high Sin Undone produced, an attempt at a review was a definite must. Generally the idea of giving/writing a review for a book makes me bulk and quake (I feel I suck at writing them); however, Sin Undone and Larissa Ione deserves the best I can attempt.

Each book in the Demonica gets better than the last where it becomes hard to choose a favorite. In my estimation Sin Undone was the best out of the previous four before it. Larissa neatly ended the Demonica series and brilliantly introduced/teased with the spine-off Lord of Deliverance

In Lore’s book, Ecstasy Unveiled, we were introduced to Sin and Conall, the attraction the two had. Sin was everything I like in my heroines: saucy, independent, able to hold her own in a male dominated world, bad-ass, a fighter, and yes tortured by her past. Though her past and mine vastly differs (greatly) I connected with Sin on a much deeper level than the previous four heroines.

My evil side is rearing up for me to add this… For you Luc lovers, well let’s just say you will NOT be disappointed about his role in this book and possibly shocked. * grins sweetly* That is all I am going to say on that front.

Wraith was his usual sarcastic, charming self along with the other brothers. As for Conall - his species is completely different which intrigued me. He fit Sin like the perfect puzzle piece. The romance aspect did not disappoint and fed the needs that I had.

For all who are anticipating this book, you all are in for a definite treat. Thanks again Larissa for giving me a world that I can loose myself in, and the sweet message you inscribed in my book.


Larissa Ione said...

Oh, you sweetheart!!! Really, your favorite? Squeeeeeeee!!!!

I'm SO glad you liked it! And what a wonderful review - you did a GREAT job. They are really hard to write!


Raonaid Luckwell said...

Yes! I meant my words when I said each new book surpasses the last, making it really hard to choose a favorite.

Yet I know better than to poach on Lillie's domain (LOL).

Sure Tayla, Runa and Idess were bad-ass in their own right but there was just a little extra to Sin that really touched level with me. She really is the type of heroine that I really enjoy in my books. The timid shy ones really start to aggrivate and annoy me. Never once did Sin make me want to throttle her.

Reviews are difficult! I'm always afraid that I will drop a spoiler, and one would like, being Lillie's beta reader, I would be more comfortable.

Last year I was invited to join this blog as a reviewer but turned it down because I just wasn't comfortable. Now the only time I'd write a review is if Lillie asked me too (which she did with a fantasy book for I do not want to wait since I do like my fantasy) or when I feel a book is so good it deserves a review.

*huggles *