Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Eternal Captive - Laura Wright Review

Since feeding her his blood, Lucian Roman has struggled with his obsession with Bronwyn Kettler-fighting an uncontrollable desire to kill her, if he has to, and the vampire she has sworn to wed. But when a dangerous enemy threatens Bronwyn, only Lucian can save her life. Even if it means sacrificing his own...

My thoughts: So 21% in Luca's story and wow, just wow! I've been anticipating this book since Eternal Kiss.

Lucian is everything I like in a male: sarcastic, snarky and straight up-asshole!! For those starting in on Laura's Mark of the Vampire, I really recommend they start from book one.

Luca's personality is outlined from the getgo, when we were first introduced to him. Bronwyn too is introduced in the first book - where we get insight on her personality and person. The tension between the two start there and continue somewhat in book two and leads us to their story.

We are introduced to some new players...which really have me chomping the bit in excitement.

Favored line so far: If the princess won't come to the asshole, then the asshole will have to come to the princess.

81% in - Really do not want to put this book down. Seriously. I stayed up till 3 am reading, needing to read that next page, that next chapter.

Some cool new players are introduced and put into play. I was happy when Laura mentioned one would get a book. I really hope the other interesting male gets a book too unless his is a side romance.

WARNING: near the end is several sniffle scenes. One scene nearly broke my heart! Though, that was quite a twist about an existing character that we already knew and love!

This book absolutely does NOT disappoint! Already anticipating the next book!