Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Another Birthday done and gone

Another birthday has come and gone.

For those curious, yes, I had a pretty decent/good day. What did I do on my birthday? Not a damned thing. LOL. Heheh. I had expected to be woken up by my mother calling. So when I eventually woke about eleven to noon, with no messages on the answering machine, it felt incredibly odd.

My mother is predictacle on phoning me, EARLY in the morning, to wish me a Happy Birthday. You can say that it became a tradition since I moved out, so I come to expect it every year.

Next thought to enter my head was: check my cell phone for texts. With my zanny and crazy minion friends and other pals, you never know WHAT to expect on texts, phone calls, emails, or IMs. Well, I had to chase my two oldest boys off the computer to look for my cell on the desk.

It was not where I last left it only to find the boys had knocked it on the floor. Lovely. What more, I had not one or two missed calls but SIX!. To add onto that, someone turned my ringer down to two which explains why I did not hear it ring.

My oldest goes "Oh, I heard your cell ring and ring and ring. I checked the ID and it said 'Mom's cell'. I didn't want to disturb you or get off the internet." Their father let's them run hilter skilter especially on MY computer. All six calls were from mom; she atleast left two voice mails.

After several failed attempts to return her call with no answer, I decided to hop on-line to shoot the breeze and check email. Friends IMed me, emailed me, left little love notes on my facebook, myspace and other places with birthday wishes.

Oh yeah... Stormee called me at nine/ten o'clock to wish me a Happy Birthday. I couldn't answer the phone because when the hubs was moving things Saturday, he knocked the phone on the floor, it's battery guts going everywhere. Hell the phone was on it's last legs anyways..Now the receiver part doesn't want to keep charged. So I had to IM her on facebook to let her know.

Gotta get a new phone with caller ID and answering machine just so I don't have to answer the phone with telemarkers and his family. Yes, I know I'm terrible * grins hugely*

Hubs *gasps* cooked. The day before, Sunday, he baked a German Chocolate Cake, but "I" had the ice the thing. Yeah, isn't that soo wrong to have to ice your own cake. He's sucking up badly...
Perhaps it sunk into his head finally. How he treats me on my birthday is how he'll get treated on his (nine days after mine) - and yes, I'm that vendicative. If he wants a cake for his birthday, then he needed to make/buy one for me. Him over excerting himself on baking the cake especially getting the boys in on it told me he wants this one cake I make now and then he loves.

Since his stupid job went from weekly to bi-weekly, I knew we couldn't do anything or expect anything until his next payday which is Friday. Today he was asking what I would want. All he needs to do is set me loose in Borders. Books is always a safe bet with me. I've been salivating over the dark hunter manga!!

What did I get asides from many and many well-wishes? Sorry, not gonna list all who wished me a happy birthday because I know I'd forget some, and well I really don't wish to offend them. They know who they are!

Got birthday cards from Sherry Spradlin and Deann (D's came in today, pretty purple colors! Beautiful). Anime sent me a black T-shirt and bitchin' sunglasses (to replace his old ones that mysteriously broke) for my Build-a-Bear Dev and chocolate bar with a bear on the top. Squee!
Why a black shirt for my Dev? My hubs griped and bitched that Dev, in the books, does not wear a white shirt with the Sanctuary, Home of the Howlers. That his shirt is black... So she remembered me complaining on what my hubs said. Pfft. Whenever I get to go to another signing I want her to sign the shirt.

But yeah, I gotta re-read Bad Moon Rising for what his black shirt says to make an iron-on.
Mom sent me a birthday card with a twenty dollar bill in it. Book money! Muahaha. Oh oh oh! Today I just checked my deviant and Y accounts, and an art friend (Iz) drew me a picture of her character (he's my fav!) with nothing on but a ribbon.

What else... Oh! Hehe, received an email from Bittenbybooks, on my birthday, stating that I had won the Diva bracelet on their contest from Adele Dubois.

Overall the day was pretty nice, hanging out with my children, hubs, and on-line friends. Thanks again for all the warm well wishes!!! Lubs you all! Now I'm gonna go listen to Inkubus Sukkubus's Viva La Muerte.