Thursday, September 17, 2009

Seduced by a Stranger - Eve Silver - Book Review

Eve Silver's latest Gothic- Historical Romance - Which I will freely admit, here and now, that I could not wait to get my greedy paws on, and so, when my mother gave me twenty dollars for my birthday (Labor Day and Eve thanks for the birthday wishes!), this was one of the books I had in mind to buy!

Warning, I am not a very good book reviewer. So any possible spoilers I may drop, I apologize now.

Eve’s books were my very first foray into the dark, gothic-historic romance genre. Oddly enough, it was another birthday of mine, a belated birthday gift from my hubs, that I had bought my first Silver book. After reading that first taste of her writing style (with the vivid words she uses the scenes and characters are painted in the mind's eye), you find that you want to read another; however, what I tend to like most about Eve’s books - not only the way she weaves the tale, making you nibble on your bottom lip to find out what happens next, and with the clues she leaves of the mystery entwined, you’re mind is whirling to process and figure out who is behind the dastardly crime- are her characters.

No, Eve’s characters are not by far labeled "perfect". They have flaws that add to the depth of their character. I profess, I have a thing for "the wounded hero" type of stories, that she extended that to include the "heroine" really appeals to me.

Catherine and Gabriel (by the way I love that name, maybe I’m prejudice because that is my youngest son’s name) are both "the tortured" types, they seem to be molded, shaped by their dark past/histories and trying desperately to move beyond it‘s gripe.