Friday, September 17, 2010

The Darkest Hour - Maya Banks Book Review

Now the people who know me are aware of my reservations on doing book reviews.

First I feel that I suck at them.

Two, I fear giving up spoilers and ruining it for another.

Now there are books that simply prompt me to try my hand at reviews. I feel they "deserve" them because they are that good. The Darkest Hour by Maya Banks is one of those books.

The Darkest Hour was my second foray with Maya's works. This was not as erotic as For Her Pleasure, my first Maya book I read.

Was I disappointed? Heck fire no!

The scenes were not only hot but major tear-jerkers. This book will invoke your emotions, I should give that fair warning out for my heart pained for the hero and heroine.

Will I pick up further KGI books? You betcha! I found that I really liked the Kelly brothers, their interaction with each other and what they perceive as family. And, I really latched and connected with the character Rusty. I should warn all that I do have a penchant on liking side characters usually more than the main ones.

Little kernal of hope sprung that eventually she'll get a book, and well that she'd end up with the youngest of the Kelly family due to their interactions in the book. Yush that is a major hint hint to the author. LOL..

So yeah, this druid definitely gives The Darkest Hour two thumbs up and her Dev Bear's two claws up in approval.