Wednesday, September 8, 2010

No Mercy - Sherrilyn Kenyon Review

Kenyon does it again... Action, humor, and romance!

So I am a bit biase since I have been a Dev fangirl for years. I have been anticipating his book for some time, especially chomping on the bit since Bad Moon Rising.

Even though I could not be Dev's heroine I was content and well pleased with the woman that Sherri, the Author Goddess, gifted him. Samia is an Amazon, so you know darn well she is no weak, timid lil thing but a saucy, kick-ass take names later type of woman.

From page five Kenyon had me laughing, falling back in love again with Dev and the other characters. We get to meet more of the Dogs of War, learn about Cael and Amaranda (remember them??), and well, for you guys disappointed in Nick, well maybe you will soften towards him when you read what he does.

The book ranked right up there with Zarek, Val and Acheron's book. I was so incredibly sad that I had to finish the book, my beloved Dev. She ruined me for picking up a book immediately after No Mercy. It has to sink in and for my book high to continue.

Plus it was an added bonus that Dev's book came out on my birthday! Being sick and distractions kept me from finishing it early.

No Mercy get two thumbs up from this druid (and two paws up from the Dev build a bear)

Yes I am fangirling but can anyone blame me