Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sparks - Laura Bickle book Review

This series has a freshness, uniqueness about it that truly helps it stand apart from the other Urban Fantasy stories. If you are expecting the paranormal elements of vampires, were-wolves, etc, well this series is not for you.

I found it very easy to like and connect with Anya. She has her day job, nothing spectcular like a cop or bounty hunter; however there is more to Anya than what people believe. Really liked how Anya is coming to terms with her past, new light being shed for her to stew on.

Yes, we do have a very interesting character introduced. I am anticipating on seeing more of this character in future books. And of course Sparky, we can not forget about him! Laura had me giggling during the scene with Anya and salamander in a baby store. The image is imprinted there.

Near the end got incredibly sad to the point that I sniffled. It was to be expected but I really did not see it happening this soon. Despite that, the ending brought a smile to my lips and anticipating the next installment, wondering what Anya and Sparky would get into next...

Sparks gets two thumbs up (and two bear claws up) from this druid.


Laura Bickle said...

I'm so glad that you enjoyed! Hugs! :-)