Sunday, April 10, 2011

Cynthia Eden Deadly Fear Review

FBI Special Agents Monica Davenport and Luke Dante are sent to the quiet town of Jasper, Mississippi. Although the modi operandi are different, it soon becomes clear that the two murders there are linked - by the notes from the killer and by the victims' fear. When the next woman goes missing, Lavery receives a call and a man's voice whispers, 'What scares you?; Luke has never had a chance to watch Monica work on a profile before and he's amazed at the way she gets into the killer's head, retracing steps at the crime scenes, understanding the fierce need to stir terror in the victims. The killer is now totally focused on Monica. Finally, he's found someone who understands. Someone who knows the thrill of the hunt. The sheriff thinks that the killer will flee but Monica knows that running isn't an option for him. She doesn't think he fears getting caught - that's not what scares him. She thinks the bastard is playing a game - has been from the beginning and he's not going to stop until the game ends.

My Take on Deadly Fear by Cynthia Edens: This is my second Cynthia Eden book (but my first non-paranormal by her). This series had been massively pimped on a book site I’m in, and when I was uncertain what book to choose to read next, people voted for this one (Easier to make such choices with help!)

The heroine and hero are both “tortured”. And yes, I DO love a good tortured hero/heroine book. Why I read so much of Eve Silver’s gothic historical. It was nice to see yet another author allow not only the hero to be tortured but the heroine.

Mainly we focus on the heroine’s past, the way it shaped and molded her into the woman she became. Plus, her past really went neck and neck with the plot of the story. Now Cynthia did not leave out the mystery of what drove the hero neither but unlike most books it was not the main focus. Though their tragic backgrounds forged them into two different weapons, Luke and Monica were the perfect match. They meshed in the perfect balance due to their personalities.

Monica, despite what happened came out to be a strong person not about to become a victim again. Luke I loved his determination and perseverance where Monica was concerned. The overall effect gave us a thrilling, on the edge of your seat, adventure with hot, steamy romance.

I will definitely be reading Deadly Heat and Deadly Lies (because well I do have a penchant for connecting with the underdogs and minor characters in books, and well, I somehow liked Samantha. She stuck out on me) in the future.

This visionary druid gives this books two thumbs up.