Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Nalini Singh Psy-Changeling Series Binge

For those curious (like the felines) I read my first Nalini Singh in January of this year. She has been on my "To try out" list for some time; especially since my friend Lillie sent Caressed by Ice in one of the several boxes of discarded books to me.

2011 I decided would be the year I tried many "New-to-me" authors. I've been keeping amazingly well with this. When hubby told me to order $50 dollars worth of books from, Slave to Sensation was top most on the list.

Needless to say that by the middle of "Slave to Sensation" I was "HOOKED". Book friend from one of the yahoo book groups I am in, she graciously gave me her extra copy of "Visions of Heat". Also, with a Gift Card I won to Amazon and hubby giving me license to order books from I bought the next three after Caressed by Ice.

February and March I took a little break from Singh. I've been neglecting and ignoring the other books in my "To be Read" List. However, at the end of March, I decided that I was going back to the Psy-Changeling. The books are that addicting.

Then I learned in May the book I so been anticipating (yes I even looked to see what the next ones were about) comes out. From Slave to Sensation and throughout the books I have been hoping and praying not ot be disappointed in who Hawk's mate would be. There has been two instances with authors who disappointed me because of a pairing. Honestly I don't think I would accept it if Hawk did not get paired with Sienna.

However, one blaring thing was evident... before Hawk and Sienna's book comes out, I needed to be caught up with the books. With that incentive, I decided "What the heck, a Singh Psy-Changeling Binge" Since I already read the first three that left the rest. I started this weekish:

Mine to Possess - Read

Hostage of Pleasure - Read

Branded by Fire - Currently Reading (158 pages left to go)

Blaze of Memory

Bonds of Justice

Play of Passion