Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Warrior Betrayed - Addison Fox Review

Forty years ago, Eirene, the Goddess of Peace, spurned her position to run away with a mortal. Furious with her daughter, Themis set a curse upon Eirene's unborn child; to one day replace her mother on Mount Olympus.

Montant Grant lost contact with her mother many years ago. Now as she struggles to lead her late father's shipping company, she's also dealing with the sudden reappearance of her mother. The frail woman is spouting nonsense about Mount Olympus, immortal warriors and long-standing curses. But after suspicious activity puts the company's future -- and possibly Montana's life -- at risk, she decides to take her mother's last bit of advice...

When Montana asks Quinn Tanner for help, she confronts the sexy, security executive about his secret identity: he's a Taurus Warrior. Quinn denies it, but he can't deny his powerful attraction to the high-power heiress. With worldwide peace in the balance, it's up to Quinn to help Montana rise to her destiny -- even as they're falling in love...

MY TAKE:Eirene, Goddess of Peace, Daughter of Themis and Zeus knew the price for giving up godhood for love.

Warrior Betrayed takes place about six months after Warrior Avenged. I like how evenly space “time” is between books, not too much time separates them, just enough to let the characters settle before another problem arises or their nemesis strikes again.

Few issues Quinn had in the previous book crops back up here mostly guilt on his part. It added to the flavor of the story, gave his character more depth, showed flaws and it really hammered that even though he’s immortal, in no way is he “perfect”. He was pinged for Taurus!

Montana in the beginning I was not quite sure how I liked her character. In no way was she weak and clingy but neither was she snarky, kick-ass take names type of character I generally like. She was sort of in-between which was sort of refreshing.

This book had more humor than the previous two. Book Two had humor; I found that I giggled with Ava and Ilsa’s interaction. Now combine those two with Montana. I giggled and grinned which got odd looks from my children because I was enjoying the interaction and the story unfolding. I found that, after reading this, that I have a fondness for the word “asshat” and want to use it even more (which ironically I do use it especially when my hubby is being a jerk)

Ah and we cannot forget Montana’s personal assistant Jackson whom I adored his character.

Really books need to come with a warning: Be prepared for some sleepless nights. The book was so engaging for two nights I did not get to bed until three am. Every time I tried to sneak a read during the day I got way-laid.

We also get to meet some new members to the Zodiacs. I profess I am curious about the relationship between Drake and Emerson, the witch. The suspense about the nymph Callie has me curious and needing more information.

Definitely give this book a definite druid approval. Thank you Addison Fox for letting me win this ARC, and for a rousing and engaging story.