Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Sorry everyone for not being my usual, ornery, laughing self this night. After ignoring my worries, stresses, and problems for most of Tuesday during the signing (though I did worry about Samhain down in Florida, hoping things were alright for her and her cats), it was rather hard to ignore them today...

They all came back with a vengenance, submerging me where I barely able to breathe. I've been battling the need to cry all day, and my youngest helped in that manner. He was a sick little guy earlier.

I knew sooner or later something was gonna trigger it. I really have not let myself cry. Yes, I moped around about it, withdrawing a little into myself, yet I never let myself full-blown cry about it.

All this stress has gave me a headache. Just that annoying "Yes I'm here" throbbing. I took IBproufin, and when that didn't seem to help, I took a little more. Still isn't working on this damn headache. That just made me extremely tired.

Then in chat I simply lost my composure.

After this episode, not entirely sure if I'll be on-line tomorrow. I need to get myself together, to re-settle myself


Anonymous said...

Don't apologize, hun. There is no need. Take whatever time you need, but remember that you have alot of friends that are here for you if you need us. (())