Monday, August 18, 2008

The hunt continues....

While I folded and put away clothes, I had the hubs calling places. Currently we are waiting on three places to call back.

I want to apologize to those that I am worrying about my sudden silences and need to depart from IMs, conferences, or chats. I've been trying desperately to keep my mind distracted but sometimes the worry about the unknown future hits me incredibly hard, I just feel the need to cry.

Yes, I wanted this move for a very long time, but the not having a place lined up is getting to me. All this is finally hitting me hard; I'm having a hard time sleeping, and when I do, it's deep but unfulfilling, lack of appetite, sick to my stomach, shakes.

Just want to tell my Dark-Hunter clan that Tuesday I most definitely will NOT be in chat. The hubs and I will be leaving around ten in the morning to get to Cincinnati relatively early. It takes about four hours to drive there, hubs wants to get there early so I can buy Joann's copy of Acheron and wait around.

Also this allows for the possibility we'll get lost. The signing is not until six, but I bet there will be a crowd.


Piercedfreak said...

Rachel i hope you guys find a new place to live.

I hope the signing is awesome!!! post lots of pics. :)

Danielle said...

I hope that things work out with the move. I know myself how stressful moving is. My thoughts are with you and your clan. You'll make it through. I like your blog. Your characteristics of sensitivity, intelligence, and thoughtfulness shine out. I haven't forgotten I need to send you that book. Let me know if you want me to wait until you move.