Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Yesterday I got to attend my first signing. Yay! The trip to Cincinnati was pretty uneventful, just four hours of endless driving for the hubs. Hey! At least we did not get lost on this trip (to or fro) like we generally do on our road trips.

Heheh, when we stopped at one of the rest areas en route to Cincy, we passed a trio of people with a young woman in black tights with hearts, boots, short skirt, and some kind of top. I looked at my husband and said "Wonder if THEY are going to the signing." The outfit and look put me in mind what most people "perceive" Simi to wear and look.

Found out later I was right! Woot for me! So we make it to Barnes & Noble, went inside to inquire what we must do for the signing. The employees were very nice and helpful, gotta give kudos to them for being that cool.

They gave us a signing card number (I was sixty-two), told us where it was going to be held, and so forth. We had three hours to kill (arrived at 2:30 after leaving here at ten/eleven) so we went walking around. All you could see was FOOD! Well there was a Rave movie thing. Hubs was wanting WHITE CASTLE.

I decided to go back to B&N to sit and wait with the other Minions. There was only perhaps a couple people there, most in the front row and half the second. I snagged the first seat in the second row - hey! I wanted to make sure I got to see Sherri up close and personal!

Hubs was in and out. He really didn't want to be there but they didn't have any other stores he could hang at. He went to sleep in the car but it obviously got to hot. The District Manager of the store (or whatever she's called) made jokes while they were preparing for her.

Chatted up with some of the other fans around. What a cool bunch of people. One lady I sat close to knew where my area of Ohio was, even familiar with my mom's part. Another we chatted up and I gave her my myspace page because I planned to have the pictures I took up.

As the crowd began to come, I got the bright idea to start taking pictures. I said "My proof to the gals on dark hunter chat that I came!" The ladies in the front couple rows started laughing their asses off.

Then Dianna Love came out! OMFG she was hilarious! So cool and awesome to listen to. All night she was cracking jokes, picking on Sherri, the two women made the night wonderous for me, despite knowing there is chaos and stress in my life. They allowed me to forget that.

All I can say is... that I am most definitely going to be picking up HER books in the future. Not sure when but I most definitely am!. They handed out nifty big orange buttons with the Ash's symbol on them. Hubs put his in my purse for Joann. Then they handed out raffle tickets.

I won that card with Ash's quotes and button. I already had one of those buttons courtesy of the fan club so that went into my purse for Joann. HUBS won the last prize... gold daimon with victim pen. Hehe, you know darn well I snatched that up!

I swear I can't say how hard I laughed during Sherri's Q&A. She picked on her family, her brother, and all. Then they brought out the coat! OMG! I so wanted! They even got a male employee at B&N to try it on (Kyle I believe his name is) and I got pictures.

Talk about sooo nervous going up there to get my books and Joann's signed! Told her how I pratically live on chat which earned me a hug! Though the "All my fault" came up because I couldn't remember how my friend spelled her name, so I asked the hubs. So she said "We'll blame it on him." Which prompted me telling her how on chat I take the blame. She said "No we'll blame it on Carl I love picking on him."

It was so great, and yes, I plan on going again!


Piercedfreak said...

I am SOO glad you had fun. :)

Anonymous said...

Alright, I know you stole the jacket. Where'd ya hide it? ;)

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